Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cameron Highlands

Last weekend, we went to Cameron Highlands to spend our holiday. I went there with my family and my lovely aunt family. The temperature at Cameron was not too cold as earlier. But, we still have the sensation even though not too cold. I still can remember my very first time to Cameron Highlands with my primary school trip on 1994, i am in standard four actually, that time if we talked akan keluar asap-asap macam kat oversea hehehe but now dah tak macam dulu. Owh Nurul Syuhada Nurul Ain a TV3 broadcaster pun joined the trip because she is one of my classmate :)

me with my siblings....adik-adikku sayang chewaahhh :))
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my familia

Mama to be & Ayah to be insya-Allah :))