Friday, February 5, 2010 first entry


Finally, i have my own blog huhu ;) after a long long journey,  i reached my destination yeah..a big clap for me weheee Actually, my inspiration to write these stories into this blog comes when i read other blogs especially from the people i have known.Their stories are most interesting and wonderful and how they express all their personal  activities into blogs from books they read,  shopping with style, dine with lovely hubby and kid, to traveling seems so cool aha

So, i think i should have my own blog too because we can make this blog as our diary and who knows one day our grand-grand child can read back these posts :)) and it is not just for our coming generation, but for ourselves too.  Furthermore,  i love to share with everyone about my activities, hobby, experience, notes and feelings as well and i want to keep my stories for my precious remembrance one day :)