Friday, April 16, 2010

Shopping time

a few weeks ago, i had my best shopping time experience ever....awesome!...after awaiting my three months salary due to government procedure, finally i got my payment...fewww...what a relief…my hubby and i went to One Utama shopping mall coz we kind a thought it was a great idea to buy a stuffs there because of the various shopping outlets available. More outlets… more choices!!….We arrived at One Utama early because in same day, we also promise to our good friend to visit them at Malacca. As a Promod fan, i decided to buy some cloths for me....and hubs got his Levis...we also bought digital camera Canon Ixus 12015 for many snap pictures after this :)

I also bought  The Body Shop facial wash kit coz pimples yang sangat galak naik at my face till i feel so uncomfortable...what i can say about this's good and so effective in just one week!

and not to forget too my make up compact powder Bobby Brown..hehe i want to try Bobby Brown after had an experienced with MAC...the price is quite reasonable...

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